Lisa Allen

I love being a part of Team National! Last week, working with Jason Nightingale and Ryan Clark with Team Accelerator, I was able to increase the amount of my life insurance be 7x....yes you read that correctly....7 times for 30 dollars more than what I was paying already. Then my husband double his coverage (at age 62). TN Accelerator is on the business exchange. Below is the link to connect with them. They are doing some amazing work for Team National members not only with insurance, but also with guiding them one on one to show them how to save money fast with their membership ( which of course builds belief very quickly with new IMD's!!!) My team is saving thousands of dollars on home, auto, and Life Insurance and bumping coverage up on other policies. The Team Accelerator team walks members through the Team National website and savings to ensure members are maximizing their membership for the way they personally spend. Money saved can then be used to help members get out of debt and secure their financial future. They charted an absolute fantastic, complete plan for us and have helped us completely change the way we are spending and saving money. Several on my team have had a similar experience. If you have't been through this need to check it out. Connect with them at this site: