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Passionate About Inspiring Others

What do you want?


You joined TN as a means to an end.


What is your goal?


Time Freedom, debt freedom, travel, retirement savings?


Our agents use vetted concepts and products to help you achieve financial freedom. We touch on all four areas of finance: protection, assets, debt and cash flow. We help make sure your savings hits your bottom line so that TN becomes the change you’ve been looking for.




We accelerate the momentum of a team by building belief in the value of the TN membership quickly. We aim to find $500+ of annualized savings in one’s first month with TN! So, leaders can focus on helping their new members get off to a fast and profitable start with the business.


TN offer so many ways to save and everyone saves differently. This can be overwhelming and cause many to miss out on potential savings. We know how to help people save a lot of money. Team Accelerator is a proactive approach that brings the savings to the new member in a free, guided process.

Win Win Win


Our process is a win-win-win.


The new IMD gets belief in TN’s value quickly so they want to share TN. Although not required, they will also receive a liberating financial plan custom made for them.


TN leaders get to focus on helping their new IMD get off to a fast and profitable start without getting bogged down in the savings.


Team Accelerator and its agents get to do what they love—help people get out of debt and achieve financial freedom. We make money by helping you save money. Specifically, we are paid through commissions we receive from some of the insurance and financial products we recommend.

What We Do


Team Accelerator acts like a concierge service that helps TN members find the best savings

options for them using TN’s membership and business exchange through a free, guided

process. Our goal is to help members find the best savings options through their membership, so they fall in love with the value as much as we have.  That belief will help them build a successful business.


We help TN members save money completely complimentary. As part of the TNBE, we can help you utilize your savings to achieve financial health. To do this we learn about your goals and then align them with vetted concepts, strategies, companies and products.   For many members, we are able to create a holistic financial plan which touches all four areas of finance: protection, assets, debt, and cash flow.


Between 40-50 percent state debt elimination as their primary goal. With those members, we help them save money through TN then apply that savings to a debt elimination plan that cuts years off their payments and saves some six figures in interest expense. Others are looking for safe, secure accounts to save money. We show you how to think like a

bank, so your money is insured, protected from the volatility of the markets, and liquid. Best of all your money will earn 4-6 percent tax free. The best savings account available. Finally, others want smart investment options. We have solutions for this as well.

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